We are an incredibly passionate team who eat, sleep and breathe Wales Lacrosse. Every player juggles their lacrosse with a full time job, university studies and in some cases even being a mum! We train before, after and during work, almost every weekend and make huge sacrifices for each other. It is a huge commitment – but we do it because we love it!

However, playing for Wales not only requires an immense personal commitment but also a large financial one, which can often be extremely hard to fulfil. We are almost entirely self-funded with each player having to cover training fees, travel, two tours to the USA, kit, equipment tournament fees, accommodation and food – all of which will amount to around £7,000 each this year.

Subsequently, we are fundraising to help us on our journey to the World Cup. Please take a look at the following varieties of ways you can help Team Wales this year.


  1. EasyFundraising
  2. Fundraising Dinner
  3. Purchasing fundraising merchandise
  4. Sponsoring the team